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I been around the block and that's a fact. Prior to my current career as Peter Schmidt I've had three other full-time bands and there are countless other projects and bands that I've been associated with.

Here you will find historical information, mp3's and pictures of Three on a Hill (my band right out of high school that had a promising beginning but an embarrassing ending as far as I am concerned), Funland (my band with Clark Vogeler and Will Johnson that once again had a promising beginning, a mediocre middle and finally a redemptive ending of sorts) and Legendary Crystal Chandelier (or LCC if you prefer which was my post Funland project with James Henderson that in lots of ways was my favorite but the lack of steady line-up kept us from developing any real momentum).

It's both interesting to me and a small source of pride that at the peak of popularity for both Funland and LCC most of the audience for each band was unaware of the bands that preceded them. Perhaps more a failure in marketing than anything else, I have nonetheless been happy that both bands meager successes and major failures have come on their own merits (or lack of) rather than on the backs of any, glories. At least that's how I see it.

You'll also find stuff on The New Year (the band formed from the ashes of Bedhead that I have played guitar in for the past 5 years) and any other musical junk that I've spent my time on.

Because of the historical nature of this section and the fact that I'll be spending most of my time on my current endeavours, this section may take a while to take shape. In the meantime you can enjoy a couple of unreleased songs from Funland recorded in Nashville during the first sessions for our album "The Funland Band". I present to you "Dump Me" and a song that never got past the name we used for it in rehearsal "Quiet One". The latter song also features a solo from our bassist at that time, The Instant Gulf.

Once I start to get the real stuff up links to each band or project will be listed in the sidebar on the left hand side of this page.

Even though all these bands had at least something released nationally most of the stuff contained on this page will matter little to anyone who didn't spend some time involved with the north texas music scene of the late 80's, 90's and beyond.